Harvard applications are open

Apply soon for one of the largest MUN conferences in the world. The Harvard MUN conference (HNMUN) is the most competitive conference LeidenMUN attends. HNMUN is nearly as old as the United Nations itself and is often times considered to be the founder of the Model United Nations concept. It is with great excitement that LeidenMUN will, for its 12th consecutive year, fly overseas to attend this highly competitive and intense conference in February 2018. Read more here.


Oxford applications are open

Oxford is heralded as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, and therefore the same prestige can be credited to its OxiMUN conference. The conference attracts students from all over the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds. Leiden MUN is proud to have sent a delegation to this conference for several years, and will be sending a new delegation to the upcoming 2017 conference. In the previous years, our delegation’s success during this conference has been attributed to our 8-week preparation track.



The preparation track is founded on 4 pillars that we believe are the foundation of diplomacy. These pillars are: public speaking, resolution writing, lobbying, and research. During the preparation track you will participate in our Tuesday evening skills lab, where we will teach you the ins and outs of the individual pillars. In addition, every Wednesday evening you will engage in a MUN mock debate. During these debates you will apply the knowledge gained during the skills labs and our delegate trainers will present to give you extensive feedback.

Our training sessions are not solely completed in group environments, we apply an individual approach as well. Each delegate gets a personal trainer who will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your personal development and give you one-on-one feedback.

You can apply for this delegation until the 3rd of September (23.59) by sending an email with a short motivational letter (500 words) and your CV to info.leidenmun@gmail.com (please use “application OXIMUN 17 – NAME” in the topic line). More information regarding the preparation track, our foundation, and the selection procedure can be requested via the same email-address. The conference will take place 3rd-5th November and the preparation track will start in the beginning of September.

(The cost to participate in this delegation will be €480,-)

Board positions open!

You can send in an expression of intent to apply for the board. Afterwards we will provide you with more information regarding the application procedure. The deadline will be the 28th of May. Underneath you find more information regarding the open positions.


As the treasurer of the Leiden MUN Foundation you are responsible for the yearly budget which consists of the income and expenses for each conference that the foundation attends. Furthermore, as the key financial person in the board you also have the task to actively search for funding, in cooperation with the acquisitions and promotions officer, in order to make participation as feasible as possible for our delegates. This includes sending funding requests to governmental, educational, and other institutions. Finally, the treasurer of Leiden MUN also has the task to organise all the logistics of the trips we take as a delegation to the conferences. This thus includes the financial aspect, but also conference registration, travel, accommodation, and all other elements which come with the organisation of a trip for large groups.

As the treasurer you therefore need to be organised, straightforward, and flexible. The position requires a lot of organisation because you are responsible for the finances. Any mistake you make creates difficulties for the delegates and your board. Within your board it is important that you are able to set clear boundaries and guidelines regarding the budget so that your entire board knows what expenses can or cannot be made. Furthermore, it is essential that you are able to plan well and prioritise as you often work on aspects of conferences far before the rest of your board is even considering them. You are responsible for registering the delegation on time and booking everything in advance. Finally, you need to be flexible, as unexpected costs will arise and your planning will not always work out the way that you want it to. Therefore you need to be able to adapt quickly to these situations.


The position of delegate trainer is a very diverse and engaging role to have in the board. Immediately from the onset of the year, you will be challenged to design a prep track for the first conferences. It requires both a rigid planning of sessions and educational topics, as well as due flexibility to all the challenges and changes that pop up during the year. When academic courses start, you will find yourself constantly engaged, working from session to session, prep track to prep track, until the month of May.

The function requires a thorough understanding of the competences and knowledge required to be a good delegate, as well as affinity with the particular character of the foundation itself. Aside from being a good delegate yourself, being a trainer also requires skills and enthusiasm needed to teach another generation of students the core concepts of Model UN.

In closely working together with your co-trainers, as well as the rest of the board, you need to have a pro-active, motivated way of picking up work. This inquisitive mindset focussed on modelling and remodelling the theories and practices of Model UN should not contrast, but rather complement the cooperative and fraternal attitude that you share with the board.

All in all, the position provides an incredibly dynamic opportunity to learn, constantly challenging and improving upon your views and skills. The diverse environment allows for a great deal of experience to be added to your professional and personal skills.