The MUN experience of Hannah Wilson

Who is better in explaining the value of our training programme then our LeidenMUN alumni. Read the story of, the award winning, Hannah Wilson, delegate of the Euromun 2017 delegation.

“Leiden MUN was the most rewarding experience of my exchange to the Netherlands. The moments I spent learning how to make an impassioned speech about UN topics, or working to form a strategic bloc against some of my favourite people, will stick forever in my mind. I have never grown so much or so quickly as a person as I did during the 8 week program. I met a group that became like a family, a group of some of the most sincere and interesting people that are now some of my closest friends — training rigorously every week apparently brings people very close, very quickly.


I entered this program as a person that was apprehensive about asserting myself in front of others, and could not form impromptu speeches. The unique format of this program teaches you all the skills you need, and connects you with delegate trainers that will pick you up when you doubt yourself and provide crucial wisdom to let your ideas become reality. I left with confidence in lobbying, debating, speech writing, and most importantly, confidence to push myself in times of doubt and uncertainty. I am infinitely grateful to the people I met, whether it was fellow delegates, my invaluable delegate trainer or the board, who helped me achieve what I was able to during this program.

If you are wondering if you have it in you to do Leiden MUN, you do. If you are wondering if you should apply to Leiden MUN, do it.”

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