The MUN story of Sean

I was part of the LeidenMUN delegation to both the Model United Nations of The Hague (MUNOTH) and the European Model United Nations (EUROMUN). Since I was, at the time, pursuing my Masters of Law degree – specializing in Public International Law – and my deep interest in knowing how law works in practice, I participated in the International Court of Justice for both conferences. I was also awarded the Best Oralist at MUNOTH and the Honourable Mention at EuroMUN.

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The awards were not my biggest achievement, it was the training I received from the delegation was. Without any academic background in international relations/politics, I struggled at first on how to diplomatically resolve global issues and at the same time “overpower” other countries. Slowly, I learned how to formulate my ideas in speeches and resolutions, to strengthen my interpersonal skills in persuading other delegates, and, most importantly, to use diplomatic strategies to rise up in the game. All these skills have stuck with me when gathering work opportunities to build up my own career profile, and have certainly worked to my greater advantage in the workplace, including my current internship with the Chamber of the International Criminal Court.