The MUN story of Susi

The diary of a Leiden MUN alumni.

The first time I heard about Leiden MUN was during the orientation week. I came to Leiden to study psychology and without any MUN experience. I honestly did not think I would get accepted with my so-not-political background, but there I was- in a room with people who seemed to be much smarter, more prepared and more confident than me. But I would do it again (and hopefully will) without thinking about it for a second. Let me tell you why.

IMG_6467.JPGFirst of all and most obvious are the skills and knowledge that you will learn and acquire. It will be more than you can imaging right now and, in my case, will make you feel unstoppable (not only in the context of MUN).

Secondly, you will make amazing friends. The people I met at Leiden MUN would have been reason alone to join the delegation and I already miss seeing them regularly.

And lastly, you won´t fail because you won´t be alone at any point of the way. The trainers will see your strengths and weaknesses and help you to get where you want to be. You do not need to be a great public speaker or resolution writer to join a delegation, just let them surprise you with what you can do and enjoy that amazing time. I certainly know that I did!